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Clanma Eggcrate Core | Clanma Architectural



Clanma Limited is a UK based agent and distributor of a wide range of products. We can offer a comprehensive range of architectural materials and  aluminium egg crate core to the ventilation and lighting trade. We are also active outside the UK as we can also supply into Ireland and Europe. Our strategy is to represent manufacturers who offer quality, service and, above all, a focus on cost minimisation. There are few markets as competitive as the UK and all our potential customers who operate in this market can benefit as Clanma Ltd ensures that they have access to the best cost suppliers.

The company operates in the following divisions:

Clanma Architectural

Clanma Eggcrate Core

  • Eggcrate core is made from aluminium

  • Used in diffusers, grilles and light fixing

  • Cell size is: 12.7mm and 25.4mm cell sizes

  • Available from stock with 3 day delivery

Clanma Architectural

Clanma Architectural

  • Architectural Materials

  • Draught Excluders

  • Weather Bars

  • Finger protection Systems

Clanma UK - Architectural Materials, Aluminium Egg Crate Core


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